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Maya’s Notebook, by Isabel Allende

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jacketDespite being abandoned by her Danish mother when she was an infant and her Chilean immigrant father’s absence working as an international airline pilot, Maya was raised by her grandparents with spirited enlightenment and fiercely bolstering love. She was propped to have sound character, and her future held so much promise, until her Popo died when she was fifteen. Popo was her Nini’s second husband, but his presence meant the world to Maya. He had promised, “I swear I’ll always be with you.” Popo was a remarkably attentive surrogate parent to Maya, but following his death, whatever threads held her in check were unraveling at an alarming rate. The trio formed with her two girlfriends styled themselves as the “Vampires” and challenged each other to commit increasingly risky criminal acts and venture into dangerous sexual territory. By the time Maya is nineteen and living on the streets of Las Vegas, by the time she phones home, she’s on the…

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It’s been a long time of which poverty had been waging war against me,likewise you,countless effort had I put in place to scape through,but to no avail,until i discover myself,have you ever dig inside of you to discover the golden raw material God has given unto you as a special gift.REMEMBER,until u discover yourself,you can never recover,will you take the step right away,failure is not an excuse…..,good morning to you all